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"Educating Toward a Healthier Community"

Health Care & Dental Providers

Healthcare and dental providers can help save a life by referring a patient!

Competent, well-trained health professionals are vital to the health of every community.  By providing quality continuing education programs, we help the best and brightest professionals stay up-to-date with the latest health research, trends and technologies.

West Florida AHEC strives to provide professional trainings that are intuitive and applicable at a low cost.  Trainings are offered through a variety of formats – conferences, brown bag programs, web-based live events, enduring or online self-guided programs facilitated at the convenience of the participant.

West Florida AHEC with the Florida AHEC Network, in partnership with the Florida Medical Association (FMA), is a provider of Category I Continuing Medical Education (CME).

CME development identifies a learning need, develops an educational strategy for learning, implements the strategy and evaluates the effectiveness of the strategy.  An evidence-based approach helps ensure validity of clinical content thus, improving the likelihood of a successful outcome to the educational intervention.  

West Florida AHEC is also a provider of Cat I CHES for the Certified Health Education Specialist.

The Florida AHEC Network, along with the Florida Keys AHEC, is now offering free online courses for state mandated licensure programs and Tobacco Cessation trainings for healthcare providers.   While not all healthcare disciplines are approved for continuing education, it is important that you check program CE/CME information specific to your profession.

For available courses and registration information, please visit Florida Keys AHEC Education.

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