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Worksite Programs

It is estimated that Florida’s annual workplace productivity losses attributable to smoking are $4.4 billion, according to the American Lung Association.  West Florida AHEC can help establishments work towards increased employee productivity through promoting a tobacco-free policy.  Employers can help their employees quit tobacco use by inviting West Florida AHEC’s Tobacco Specialist(s) to provide a tobacco cessation class at their worksite.  Providing a tobacco cessation course to employees – even better, working towards a tobacco free workplace – in turn benefits employers because:

Companies interested in providing Tobacco Free Florida AHEC Cessation programs have the option of one of two programs.

Quit Smoking Now – occur once a week for the duration of the 6-week program

Tools to Quit – a 2-hour, one time session

Learn more about the benefits of Smoke-free Business

The Worksite Program is instructed by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and Nicotine Replacement Therapy is provided to participants to support their quit plan, free of charge.  The instructor is available for follow up and support.

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