Health Profession Student Training

West Florida AHEC’s Tobacco Treatment Specialists provide training seminars to health professions college students regarding how to help future patients quit tobacco.  In doing so, students learn how to help prevent and reduce tobacco use.

Program participants:

  • Benefit from an increased awareness of the effects of smoking and tobacco use
  • Will have a better understanding of the various treatment methods used for tobacco addiction
  • Improve knowledge of how to assist patient’s change in unhealthy behaviors
  • Develop or enhance skills for dealing with dependent/addicted patients

The overall goal of the health professions student training program is to strengthen the capacity of Florida’s healthcare system.  We do this by encouraging health care workers to ensure the delivery of effective evidence-based tobacco use treatment, cessation and prevention services throughout the state.  

The Health Professions Student Training program follows the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs.