West Florida AHEC, New Directions in Community Health

"Educating Toward a Healthier Community"


It is estimated that 369,000 of those that are currently under the age of 18 in Florida will die prematurely from tobacco use, according to the Florida Department of Health.  Through a partnership with the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center, West Florida AHEC is able to provide a web-based youth cessation program to encourage our youth not to start and to help those who are currently using tobacco to quit. Together we can save lives.

ASPIRE (A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience) is a program that uses animations, videos and interactive activities to communicate the facts about smoking and tobacco use, in addition to providing the skills needed to adopt a tobacco free lifestyle.  With internet access, ASPIRE can be used at home, in the classroom or computer lab, the library or at any public computer.

ASPIRE includes a pre-test, quizzes after each of the five modules, a post-test and the capability to print an ASPIRE certificate of completion.  This program can enhance existing health and physical education programs, in addition to being used as a suspension alternative when an adolescent is found using tobacco on school grounds.  Through quizzes, the ASPIRE pilot measures knowledge transfer.  Additionally, the ASPIRE certificate verifies program completion.

ASPIRE is evidence-based and free of charge.

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