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Taking Medication Safely

Taking Your Medicines Safely

Taking Your Medicines Safely (TYMS) is a one-hour program designed to raise awareness about medication safety and prevent accidental poisonings involving medicines among older adults.  This program will allow participants to learn about potential problems when taking multiple medications, ways to keep track of medicines, as well as various questions to ask about medicines.

With five out of six people 65 and older taking at least one prescription drug, and nearly half taking three or more medicines, it is important we educate our loved ones about the serious risks that can come along with taking medicines.  Medicines include both prescription and over-the-counter medicines.  Unintentional poisonings can occur when medicine interacts with herbals, vitamins, supplements and certain foods and juices.  Poisoning is not just a problem with children; many poison center calls involve adults over the age of 60 with medicine-related concerns.  It is important that each of us ensures that our loved ones are aware of the safety precautions that must be taken when taking medications.

The TYMS program was developed by the Health Resources and Services Administration in partnership with the Administration on Aging.

For more information about our Taking Your Medicines Safely Program, please contact our Community Health Services Coordinator, 850.682.2552.

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